Attractie Zeeland has a few events lined up for this year. The most important one is, of course, the theme park’s 6th anniversary. Don’t miss out on it this coming April 2019. Our park’s three founders, Karl, Addie, and Desmond, will be in attendance.

For our 6th anniversary, the first 20 guests will be treated to an all-day free pass on the park’s attractions! If you’re one of those lucky people, you can take on any ride you like, absolutely free! This comes courtesy of our three founders. They offer it as thanks for your years of staying true fans.

This coming March 30, Karl also has another treat for fans. There will be a book launch event on Attractie Square at 4pm. Karl will be releasing his self-published book, The Dream that Never Ends. The book comes complete with photos of Attractie Zeeland’s long history, including some early concept sketches by Desmond and Addie. The book is limited to 500 copies, so please hurry and register. Only the first 500 people will be eligible for a copy of the book.

On that subject, Karl will also be hosting a Ted Ed Talk on the first week of April. He will talk about his experiences shifting work and perspectives, and how it feels to live one’s dream.