Now on its 6th year, Attractie Zeeland is one of the best places to work right now. So if you are a fresh graduate looking for some work experience, then don’t hesitate. Visit us or give us a call. We accept both full time and part time applicants. We are also accepting applicants for internship programs right now.

Attractie Zeeland is currently on the lookout for remote support staff. Positions needing to be filled are admin support. As part of the team, you will be fielding online and phone queries. Our IT team has created a breakthrough app that can be used specially for this purpose. It is easy to use and highly adaptable.

On the more physical front, we are also looking for more staff onsite. Right now, we need more hands to assist in handling the attractions. Operator, manager, and cashier positions are open. No experience is required, as training will be provided. Please look for Ms. Jessica Johnson, our HR manager for the park unit division.

On the shop side, The Ancient Monocle is looking for new librarian baristas. Applicants should have more than passing familiarity with books and authors. The Monocle prefers those who are eager to study and learn more books. For other duties, the Monocle’s master trainer, Sean Stewart, will teach you the ropes. Please head over to the shop and look for Mr. Stewart. Make sure to bring along your CV. Don’t forget to bring along a list of your favorite books too. If Mr. Stewart likes what he sees, there will be a short interview session. At the moment, The Ancient Monocle hopes to hire around 5 new barista librarians.