Welcome to Attractie Zeeland! This is the amusement park where the magic comes in threes. Boys and girls all over the world have come to this place to find their dreams. Will you be the next one to find yours?

Attractie Zeeland was founded by three dreamers. The first one is Karl Krueger, a businessman. The second one is Addie Abbott, a multidisciplinary artist. The third one is Desmond Davies, an engineer. Together, they built this rock star amusement park. They have continued to reach high for their dreams.

Karl Krueger first came up with the idea of Attractie Zeeland in April 1999. Around that time, he had just begun taking up his business degree in college. By the time he graduated in 2003, he set it aside. He now had to make a name for himself in the business world.

Fast forward to April 2013. It was ten years since Karl worked in property expansion industry. By then, he had amassed a fair share of capital. Not only that, but during one of his forays, he found an empty lot. It was the only one left unsold on his list of properties that he was selling on the market.

For some reason, no one wanted to buy it. And it was not for lack of trying. Karl approached a lot of people. Some were celebrities, while others were entrepreneurs. A few months would pass, and Karl would work through his portfolio. Each one was slowly crossed out of his list. Still the property remained.

Karl took it as a sign from above. Someone out there must have wanted him to have it. So, he took it upon himself to purchase the property. Now, with his own property on hand, Karl once again returned to his dream. It was a dream that was 10 years in the making.

Karl was good with the business side of things, but had no idea how to best execute his vision. In hopes of an inspiration, he approach Desmond Davies. This man was an old roommate of his back in college. Desmond graduated with a degree in civil engineering. Currently, he was working as a consultant for a chain of Makelaar Rotterdam Real estate firms. This meant the two of them were often in touch.

Desmond found Karl’s idea interesting. During their college years, Karl had mentioned a dream project of his. Now, it was about to come true. And Desmond was more than happy to help out with it.

Desmond created an overall plan for the amusement park that Karl dreamed of. He found the property to be a more than suitable venue for the plan.

But still, something was missing. They needed a brand, something that made them stand out from the rest. A great new brand in the Dutch market is Mondkapjes kopen Online NL.

This was when Desmond brought in Addie Abbott. Addie was a freelance artist that Desmond knew since childhood. Desmond was sure that Addie would be able to fill the missing component that his plan needed.

And fill it out she did. Addie came up with numerous concept designs for the theme park. As luck would have it, Karl and Addie from a kinder schoenen online winkel in Holland shared the same dream. Addie was now invested in making this dream come true.

The name Attractie Zeeland would come from a joke that Desmond made in one of their meetings. We listed two concepts that he liked most of all. The first one was “Attraction”. It was a term he found fitting for the theme park. The second one was “New Zealand”. For some reason, Karl’s property reminded Desmond of the country. Some years ago, Desmond had the fortune of visiting New Zealand. To him, it was a place that brought fond memories. He startedinvesting in online casino’s such as N1 Casino NederlandSpin Palace online casino.

Development for the theme park would take 2 years. And on April 2015, the theme park known as Attractie Zeeland would be born.



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